Bramley Article April 2020

Keep Running! 

 It seems a strange time to be writing an article about Southwell Running Club and unfortunately, but definitely for the right reasons, the club has suspended all training and events until the government issues advice that we can do otherwise. So, for a while you will not be hearing about the great achievements our members undertake each month, but I know that I and we will all still be running for as long as we can. As runners we are fortunate that we can still carry on with the sport/hobby that we love, whilst gym goers team sports and other activities aren’t so lucky. Therefore now is a great time to start running. You can really take advantage of the one physical activity per day that the government is allowing. Not only is this a great way to get or stay fit, it is also proven that running offers many mental health benefits and I am sure this will be of much benefit to many over the coming weeks or months. There are many ways to start running and you can find podcasts such as Couch to 5k if you’re a beginner. For those more experienced runners there are virtual 5k races that you can find online and other activities to keep things interesting. So, if you don’t run then now is the time to start and if you run already, then keep going! It’d be great to see new faces at the club when things get back on track.