Bramley Article April 2021

SRC is back

It was with great joy that Southwell Running Club could return to group training as of 30th March.

Like so many other sporting groups/clubs, we have certainly missed the sport we love to take part in, but I know as much as anything, we have missed the great social aspect that being part of this running club brings.

Whilst I have been running around the streets and fields of Southwell over the past few months, I have seen a higher number of runners doing the same thing. I hope that some of these people have caught the running bug and decide to join us at the club, whether to be competitive or to enjoy running with a great group of like-minded people; either way I know it will not disappoint.

We are celebrating our 35th year as a club and as well as our infamous grand prix events, cross-country and other races, we will be lining up other in-house events to celebrate.

So if you want to know more about joining us then please visit or join us at 6.45pm on a Tuesday or Thursday night by the Southwell Leisure Centre where our one hour training sessions commence.

The Obsessive Runner