Bramley Article December 2020

Plenty To Look Forward To At SRC 

When I first took over writing this article for Southwell Running Club I never envisaged that we would have months in a year where practically no running events would have taken place, that is except for virtual events and ‘virtual’ might be one of the most over used words of the year certainly within running during 2020! However not long after I write this article we will soon be back amongst friends being able to train and run together on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday mornings. We will also be able to carry on with some of our in-house club events, starting with the infamous Halam Hat Chase in December. In the New Year we will continue with the club Grand Prix Series, starting with a 5K event and wrap up the series with a 10 mile race. These events will bring an end to the series, which currently sees Ben Parker taking the lead in the men’s category and a joint lead in the ladies held by Sam Hatton and Pam Dutton. However, there is still plenty to play for and it will be very interesting to see who comes out on top. I can’t wait to be able to share more details and information from upcoming events and members achievements, but please visit our website for any further details on our amazing club.

The Obsessive Runner