Bramley Article May 2019

Let The Season Begin
After reporting last month about all the hard work and preparation some of our Southwell Running Club members had been putting into their respective marathon runs, I thought it would be best to tell you how they got on.
I will begin with Michael Mather who ran his first marathon in Manchester only a year after joining SRC. Michael ran a great time of 3 hours and 28 minutes. We had eight runners who completed this year’s London Marathon, who all enjoyed the better conditions than they had last year. Katy Simpson and Liz Rogers both ran impressive times under 3 and a half hours and all other SRC members clocked great times, with Bruce Danby finishing 110th and Penny Durance finishing 64th in their age categories. It would also go withour saying that Dick Durance completed his 139th marathon in Boston (Lincolnshire). I will let you do the maths of how many miles this is, but I can assure you it equates to an astonishing amount of time, effort and dedication.
Numerous other events took place during April, too many to mention, but an event that did stand out was the first Summer League Race. This was hosted by Hexgreave Hall and was only possible because of the great support our club receives. This is arguably the best race of the five that take place throughout the summer. There were 666 Nottinghamshire runners who took part, including 27 from SRC who represented the club and did us proud.
The Obsessive Runner