Bramley Article November 2018

No I in SRC

Well you are probably looking at the title of this article and thinking that there is actually an I in SRC and you are right, you will find one in the word running. Whilst there is a lot of focus on personal gains and achievements at SRC, there is also a massive emphasis on entering events and working together as a team.

One of the events that the club took part in was the British Fell Relays. This event was held in Grasmere in the Lake District this year and it sees some of the best fell runners in the country take part on some of the toughest running terrain in the country. There are six people in each team, running four different legs. Two legs are run individually and the other two legs are ran as pairs. The customary Cumbrian weather and spectacular location did not disappoint and neither did the team who finished a respectable 138th out of a field of 245 teams.

I cannot recommend taking part and being part of a team in such a great event enough, especially when there are several drinks consumed after to celebrate. Putting teams in races such as this could not happen without the backing of people who travel hundreds of miles to support and it certainly could not happen without the support of the whole club. This encouragement and inspiration happens week in week out, at training, through friends made at the club and even in the pub. 

 The Obsessive Runner