Bramley Article November 2023

Pushing the boundaries on the track and at Worksop Half Marathon.

Southwell running club members have recently extended their training programme to include challenging training at the YMCA Athletics Track in Newark. The sessions which are suitable for runners of all abilities, have focussed both on speed and endurance helping runners to train to their lactate threshold and thus making their aerobic system more efficient. The sessions have been well attended and club members have very much enjoyed the new challenges.

Eleven members of the club put their training to the test at the Worksop Half Marathon this weekend. The morning of the event presented perfect running conditions and allowed runners to appreciate the beautiful scenic views as they followed the undulating course through Clumber Park. Club results were as follows: Steven Rice 1:33:21 Nigel Whitmore 1:43:03, Mel Duffy 1:45:30, Steven Tomlinson 1:45:42, Jess Coyle 1:47:08, Stephen Holt 1:50:12, William Lee 1:54:49, Katie Botham 2:00:04, Sarah L Mckie 2:05:11, Lauren Birkbeck 2:15:33, Megan Mulraney2:15:33.

We welcome any new members to join our regular training sessions Tuesday evenings from 6:45pm, meeting in the Leisure Centre car park in Southwell. We also hold more general group runs on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. For more details visit

Ruby Runner

Southwell Running Club.