Bramley Article October 2019


I may be biased, but for me the UKA Fell Relays are one of, if not the main highlight in the running calendar. You are competing against the best fell runners in the country as an individual, but also as a team. I cannot describe how good the atmosphere is throughout the day, you have to be there to believe it and eighteen participants and three spectators, all club members, can testify how good this day is. Any local resident knows we do not live in a particularly hilly area, so to have a quarter of our running club take part, is unbelievable! SRC entered three teams of six. Two men’s teams and our very first ladies team. Every team runs four different legs, each different to the next with their own individual challenges. The first and fourth legs, are short in distance, very fast, but with plenty of hills involved. The second leg is run as a pair; this is a longer leg with plenty of climb involved. Finally, leg three which is a pairs leg where you have to navigate to different checkpoints. Every team did well, the men’s teams finished 72nd and 93rd and the ladies team finished 223rd. At SRC we are regularly taking part in individual and team events, which are well supported and are also great social events, so if you want to be a part of this fantastic club, then please visit to find out how you can get involved.