Bramley Article October 2020

Different Challenges, Same Focus! 

 There has been a change of focus for runners over the past 6 months and definitely a different way in how we can race at the moment, when that is even possible. Even though there have been limited opportunities to test a runners’ ability in a race, there has been an emphasis for runners to test themselves, on challenges that they can attempt on their own or with a small support team. Our very own Dan Wheat was no exception to this as he set out to follow in the footsteps of three of our other members: Rich Andrews, Ian Haigh and Paul Orton, to attempt to complete the Bob Graham Round. For those of you who are thinking what is this and what does it entail, then I can tell you that it means running 66 miles, reaching 42 peaks and ascending 27,000 ft of hills in the Lake District in a 24 hour time limit. This covers some of the toughest fell running ground this country has to offer and not only this, but some tough weather as well if you are unlucky. Dan completed his round in 23 hours and 18 minutes with the support of six Southwell runners. Not bad for a club with no proper hills near them! We have also been fortunate enough to see the return of our own in-house race series, setting off runners in groups of six. Adam Carney was the fastest on the 1 mile race and I cannot wait to tell you about the rest of the races in this series.