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Bramley Article, October 2017

It was far from summery at the Teversal Summer League race. Sixteen hardy runners from Southwell slipped, splashed and sloshed their way around the Teversal course on an evening more suited to ducks than runners. Despite the poor conditions, Southwell runners had a successful evening. Both Jane Matthews and Bruce Danby finished second in their age categories. The lady vets finished sixth on the night, the male vets seventh, and the senior ladies 14th.

Then in the middle of August we had a heat wave for the Newark half marathon. Bruce Danby, David Fowler, Lorraine Fozzard and William Lee braved the heat and completed the course. Lisa Morris – Fowler, Joshua, Alfie and Charlie all ran the fun run.

Richard Durance discovered the Heckington ten miler, a race designed to keep the farm hands and Richard out of the beer tent for a few hours. He managed to complete the race and stay sober.

Good news for the most popular mans name in the running club; Peter. I had feared that it was dying out as there does not seem to be any Peters under the age of 40. A running son of a SRC member has named his baby William Peter. Lets hope for another runner, running in his Grandad’s and Dad’s footsteps.


The Lazy Runner

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