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Bramley Article, August/September 2017

Looking back at photographs of the July summer league race at Worksop College, reminded me that we have had a summer.

It’s just that at the time of writing this I forgot that it was ever hot here. Altogether 23 SRC runners took part in the race through Clumber Park. Brian Drescher has started running with the club again and did well. There were rare sitings of Peter Hunt and Paul Cregg also.

Nicola Blatherwick, Jane Matthews, Paul Grogan, Bruce Danby, Brian Drescher, Loraine Fozzard and Dick Durance all ran the Holme Pierrepont Heritage Series Grand Prix. The series comprises of four races run over two weeks of varying distances. Bruce Danby finished 3rd in his age category, Paul Grogan 2nd and Loraine Fozzard 1st.

Michelle Hall celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with her husband by running her first fell race at Warslow, where there are plenty of hills! In her own words ‘much of the race was spent on my hands and feet crawling up the sides of the Manifold valley and trying to stay upright on the descents’. That would certainly not suit my wife. They were chaperoned by Jack Race and Nicola Blatherwick.

Peter Cowley is thinking of suing SRC after breaking his metatarsal on a Tuesday night session. I do not think that he stands a chance since he was sloping off home after finishing early. At least he has got a big boot and two crutches for future use.


The Lazy Runner

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