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Bramley Article, July 2018

Before I joined the club I assumed that anyone who ran for SRC, or any other club for that matter, would just take part in races such as 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and full marathons. Never did it occur to me that people did such a variety of events and that a running club would offer so much more and help you train for occasions that are not just running races.

This has been so evident from what people have done and achieved over the past month and I think a few of these examples highlight what people accomplish at our club.

Paul Orton and Ian Haigh took part in the last ever LAMM. This connoisseur’s mountain marathon has taken place since 1994 and is held in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. You need excellent orienteering skills and great teamwork to navigate your way to checkpoints over two tough days on the Scottish hills.

Sam Ward completed the Staffordshire Half Ironman. Half sounds easy you think well think again! This involved a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run. Sam completed all of this in just 6 hours and 6 minutes!

There was also the third leg of the Summer League where 18 SRC members tackled a fast

five mile course at Holme Pierrepont.

These achievements are only a fraction of what has happened over the past month, but please come and join us to find out more about what we offer.


The Obsessive Runner

Bramley Article, June 2018

I am honoured and privileged to be taking over this article from the Lazy Runner, they certainly are big running shoes to fill!

I won’t bore you too much with the finer details about me, but I think it is important to know that I joined SRC two and a half years ago, telling my wife that I would just go along to keep fit. Well, if only she knew what an obsession this would become for me; she probably would’ve never let me join! However please do not let this put you off joining our club, I cannot recommend what running, and our club offers.

If you are just looking at getting or keeping fit, training for an event, improving your running or if you want to enjoy a social run, then please join us, you will not be disappointed. We meet at the Southwell Leisure Centre at 6.45pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The Summer League is well under way now and two races have already taken place. SRC organise arguably the best race of the series, which takes place at Hexgreave Hall. Again the race was a massive triumph, despite some unwelcomed rain. The success of this race is down to the helpers and organisers from the club.

There have been too many outstanding individual performances to mention from the month, but hopefully if you come and join us you will hear all about them. We look forward to meeting you!


The Obsessive Runner

Bramley Article, May 2018

This is the last SRC article I will write. A real runner has volunteered to take the job on.

I started to write this article in 2011. I joined the running club when I was 38 years old about 25 years ago. Something made me put on my plimsolls’ and try to run round Crink Lane.  On the second occasion another runner, Dave, was running the other way. He stopped to have a chat, told me about SRC and I went the following week.

There started my running career, which I am proud of; two half marathons in under 1½ hours, two marathons in 3:45 and two 10Ks in under 40 minutes. There has been a lot of panting, puffing, injuries and moaning about cross country and the cold and wet; but there have been  times when running made me feel like a God. Let’s be honest it’s not often that happens.

The main attraction of SRC has always been the other runners. An hour soon passes by when you are chatting or gossiping.. So thanks to everyone I have run with. 

So what will I do now? I will still be a keen gardener. Once after an article in which I gave some gardening advice, the then Chair said to me “Peter remember this is supposed to be a running article, not gardener’s world”. I am taking up tennis again, so STC watch out, here I come. I wonder if they need an article writer? Most importantly I will be spending time with my family and my beautiful grandsons; Michael, William and James. Three future runners, who knows?


The Retired Lazy Runner

Bramley Article, April 2018

I was surprised to see that there were still trotting turkeys in February. In previous years they had trotted in December. Then when they were at the peak of their fitness they ended up as the centre piece to our Christmas dinners. I am referring to the Keyworth Turkey Trot half marathon which is now in February. Well done to our trotters; Chris Stowe, Ben Parker, Brendan Parkinson, Penny Durance and Michelle Hall.

At least the St Valentines was not on the 14th as the runners who took part would have been with their loved ones. So the following weekend Chris Wales, Katy Simpson, Bruce Danby, Jo Harcombe and Tracey Polak ran the 30K race and got heart shaped medals for their effort.

The cross country runners continue to get dirty, wet and cold. Pictures from the Trent Meadows event show runners literally climbing a hill with mud up to their ankles. Well done to everyone who took part. Father and son, Ben and Guy Parker got the opportunity for a bit of bonding, finishing together.

Thank goodness the clocks have gone back and I can get some gardening done after work. For those who run, running in the light has to be better than the dark. Look at the website pages to see how to run with SRC.


The Lazy Runner

Bramley Article, March 2018

Sport continues to inspire the world. The Winter Olympics has had something for everyone. From the ice skaters to the cross country ski races. What about the one where the skiers have to stop and do some shooting? I may suggest that for our own cross country races.

Mud, mud glorious mud was the theme for January. The ladies love the mud. For the first time in 20 years SRC had a Ladies team in all the North Midlands races. Jane Matthews won a gold medal and Chris Cregg silver without having to go to South Korea bringing our medal tally up to seven.  Well done to Nicola Blatherwick and Loraine Fozzard as well.

Chris and Paul Cregg were so fed up with the mud they ran the Singapore Park Run. It was 32oC at 7:30 am and humid.

SRC is offering its members some professional coaching. We have some runners who are aspiring to join the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. I may be ready to run then and join them.

Spring is springing, get fit and join SRC.


The Lazy Runner

Bramley Article, February 2018

It’s the season of awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the SRC Grand Prix presentations. Most attendees wore a bowler hat; a gesture to support Garry Oldman in his bid for an Oscar.

Steve Hargrave won the men's Grand Prix for the 3rd time; Terri Howell, a relatively new runner won the ladies prize. Special mentions to Peter Lambert who despite his advancing years was the only man to run all five races and came 2nd overall, Gill Tivey who had another comeback and also came second, Michelle Hall who continues to improve coming 3rd and Simon Willington who had a great ten mile run taking many minutes off his PB.

Jane Matthews, Loraine Fozzard and Nicola Blatherwick completed the Edwinstowe 10K. Julie Stafford ran the Nottingham half marathon. Well done to Chris Cregg for competing in the Shipley Park cross country event.

 I have been surprised by the number of people who know my identity and have urged me never to say I will never run again. Who knows what the future holds? I did run for a bus the other day, does that count?

 If there are any real runners willing to write this article please get in touch with the SRC committee.


The Lazy Runner.

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