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Bramley Article October 2020

Different Challenges, Same Focus! 

 There has been a change of focus for runners over the past 6 months and definitely a different way in how we can race at the moment, when that is even possible. Even though there have been limited opportunities to test a runners’ ability in a race, there has been an emphasis for runners to test themselves, on challenges that they can attempt on their own or with a small support team. Our very own Dan Wheat was no exception to this as he set out to follow in the footsteps of three of our other members: Rich Andrews, Ian Haigh and Paul Orton, to attempt to complete the Bob Graham Round. For those of you who are thinking what is this and what does it entail, then I can tell you that it means running 66 miles, reaching 42 peaks and ascending 27,000 ft of hills in the Lake District in a 24 hour time limit. This covers some of the toughest fell running ground this country has to offer and not only this, but some tough weather as well if you are unlucky. Dan completed his round in 23 hours and 18 minutes with the support of six Southwell runners. Not bad for a club with no proper hills near them! We have also been fortunate enough to see the return of our own in-house race series, setting off runners in groups of six. Adam Carney was the fastest on the 1 mile race and I cannot wait to tell you about the rest of the races in this series.

Bramley Article September 2020

We Are Back!

In terms of events and achievements by SRC club members there is inevitably not much to tell you about. However, since you last heard from me something much more important and significant has occurred; club training has returned to Southwell Running Club on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings! I certainly took turning up to run and train with friends on a weekly basis for granted, and whilst running is a sport that you can go and do on your own, it is definitely more enjoyable when you can share that experience with others. The club has put new procedures in place surrounding covid-19 to ensure that all runners remain safe whilst training. Details about this and when we train can be found at So if you fancy running with a friendly club then definitely come and join us and you will be made to feel very welcome. The Obsessive Runner

Bramley Article July 2020

Still Running! 

 I usually sit down and write these articles thinking about how I can possibly share all of our members’ achievements from the previous month in just 250 words, and I rarely succeed. Now though we are in very different times, but there are still plenty of members who are actively running and making things happen to continue to make this a great club, so writing this today is made easy. Currently the days of races and organised events have gone and have been replaced by ‘virtual’ events. SRC and in particular Ian Haigh and Paul Orton have been fantastic with organising virtual races that have seen several members eagerly go up against each other over set distances. Andy Thorne has certainly had the bit between his teeth as he took a clean sweep of 5 races, although Adam Smith was not far behind Andy across all 5 events. Members of the club have also been brilliant in sharing virtual training events on a weekly basis. This has replaced our usual training sessions on a Tuesday to help people have a structure and plan for their training if they want it. We are lucky that the sport we love and take part in has been able to continue over the past few months, even if at a reduced level. However I believe that SRC members are even more fortunate to have this community support that has helped us all keep focused and able to feel a part of something. We look forward to you joining us!

Bramley Article April 2020

Keep Running! 

 It seems a strange time to be writing an article about Southwell Running Club and unfortunately, but definitely for the right reasons, the club has suspended all training and events until the government issues advice that we can do otherwise. So, for a while you will not be hearing about the great achievements our members undertake each month, but I know that I and we will all still be running for as long as we can. As runners we are fortunate that we can still carry on with the sport/hobby that we love, whilst gym goers team sports and other activities aren’t so lucky. Therefore now is a great time to start running. You can really take advantage of the one physical activity per day that the government is allowing. Not only is this a great way to get or stay fit, it is also proven that running offers many mental health benefits and I am sure this will be of much benefit to many over the coming weeks or months. There are many ways to start running and you can find podcasts such as Couch to 5k if you’re a beginner. For those more experienced runners there are virtual 5k races that you can find online and other activities to keep things interesting. So, if you don’t run then now is the time to start and if you run already, then keep going! It’d be great to see new faces at the club when things get back on track.

Bramley Article March 2020

Southwell Running Club Still Shining 

 It seems we’ve had storm after storm or just wind or rain during February, but it’s no surprise that Southwell Running Club members were still out in force training and taking part in events. One of the East Midlands XC races was cancelled due to Storm Ciara, but the Colwick XC still took place at the beginning of the month. This course is the hilliest of the XC courses and can be notoriously muddy, this year did not disappoint. Paul Grogan who never seems to miss a XC or summer league race, represented the club, was first home for the men, finishing 26th place. Adam Smith took part in his first XC for the club and he finished just behind our very own Ben Parker in 71st place. There was a good turnout for the ladies team too. Jane Matthews was first back in 28th place and Pam Dutton and Lorraine Fozzard were also not too far behind. During February SRC put on the second of its XC series, the Pit Hill Predictor. This a great event where competitors have to complete a 5 mile hilly XC course. Runners have to estimate how long the run will take them, but no watches are allowed during the race to help them achieve their respective predicted times. Six club members took part in spite of Storm Dennis, but it was Brian Jobe who blew everyone away by completing the run closest to his predicted time. Let’s hope for better weather in March and more great running.

Bramley Article February 2020

Before I share some of the feats and achievements of some of our runners, I want to congratulate Brian Jobe for taking on the role of chairperson for the club.

The committee and other members have done a fantastic job over the last several months, but it is a great start to the year to have such a fantastic person taking on such a pivotal role within the club. We all wish Brian the best of luck and I know he can help take the club forward. January saw the start of the East Midlands cross country league and two races have already passed out of the four event series. The first race was at Bramcote and we had a great turnout, four men runners and three ladies representing the club. There were two 21st place finishes, Adam Carney for the men's team and Pam Dutton for the ladies. The next race took us to Holme Pierrepont. Whilst this is a flatter cross country course, it certainly isn't any easier. Again we had a great turn out including Adam Carney, Paul Grogan, Ben Parker, Loraine Fozzard, Michelle Hall and Nicola Blatherwick, who all did a fantastic job representing the club.

On top of having a new chairperson we also have some exciting things happening at the club including social pub runs, track session training and the Pitt HIll predictor. So if you want to know more please go to and find out how you can get involved.

The Obsessive Runner

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