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Bramley Article September 2019

It's Coming Home!

Every year Southwell Running Club hosts The Bramley Challenge.

This is a five mile race that is participated in by runners from Southwell, Holme Pierrepont, Newark Striders and Notfast running clubs. The overall winner of this event is the team with the lowest average finishing position based on the number of runners that take part. Due to us hosting the event and the fact we have not won the trophy for the past two years, the pressure was on to reclaim the trophy that should rightly be ours. Tension and nerves were high on the night as we could not have another year go by where the trophy went to a competitor, but our 17 runners shone through and performed valiantly bringing the trophy back to Southwell. Only time will tell if we can retain the trophy next year and any help from new runners would be welcome.

Another performance that cannot go by without being mentioned was by Jon Newsum-Smith. Jon took part in the Equinox 24 Hour Challenge. This event sees runners enter either as teams or individuals running as many 10k laps as they can over a 24 hour period (this includes running through the night). Jon took part in this event with colleagues from Tuxford School. Jon ran an incredible six laps and his team completed 26 in total. Not only was this an amazing feat, but it was all done for a very worthy cause which was The Brain Tumour Charity.

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Bramley Article July 2019

In for the long run 

 Over the past month there has been a great amount of grit and determination shown by some of our club members. Hopefully their stories will give some justification to the efforts and sacrifice they have put in to get ready for these events and to get through them. In no order of merit I will start with Paul Orton, who completed one of the toughest multi-day running races in the UK; the Dragon’s Back Race. I have been assured that no dragons were hurt or involved in this race, but it is simply named this as the route literally goes from South to North through the middles of Wales. The route is 315km with 15,500m of ascent. Not only do you have to tackle this incredible distance over 5 days, but you have to navigate and meet strict cut off times. Paul completed this amazing feat in an astounding 73 hours, 42 minutes and 27 seconds! The second event I want to tell you about takes place over a week in and around Newark; the Gordon Whelbourn week. This consists of 5 races over 5 nights, 4 back to back 5k races and a 10k race to finish. Now you’re probably thinking this doesn’t have the same distance as the DBR, but I can vouch that pushing yourself over back to back nights takes its toll on your legs. Steven Rice, Katy Simpson and Andy Thorne, all felt this pain and came through with great results. Well done SRC members!

Bramley Article June 2019

SRC County Runners

I have mentioned in a previous article that you have a great sense of pride wearing your club vest when taking part in events, but that must be felt even more when you represent your county and don the Nottinghamshire green vest. Two of our very own Southwell Runners, Dan Wheat and Sam Hatton (formerly Ward) had the honour of representing Nottinghamshire as part of a team in the recent Intercounties Fell Race. They were selected off the back of their performance at the Wolfs Pit Fell Race earlier in the year. Every year different races are picked to host the event and this year the Flower Scar Fell Race in Todmorden was chosen. Dan and Sam were up against some of the best fell runners in the country and they did themselves and Nottinghamshire proud. The Nottinghamshire mens team had their best ever finish, coming 14th out of 20 teams and the ladies team came 10th out of 10 teams. Not bad for a county that doesn’t have very big hills. There are also so many other things that happened during May, SRC held the first of our in-house club Grand Prix series. 19 members took part and newcomer Adam Carney pushed Steven Rice all the way in a great race. There was also the second of the Summer League races where SRC put in a great performance through our 14 runners. If you are keen to learn how you can also take part, then please go to

Bramley Article May 2019

Let The Season Begin
After reporting last month about all the hard work and preparation some of our Southwell Running Club members had been putting into their respective marathon runs, I thought it would be best to tell you how they got on.
I will begin with Michael Mather who ran his first marathon in Manchester only a year after joining SRC. Michael ran a great time of 3 hours and 28 minutes. We had eight runners who completed this year’s London Marathon, who all enjoyed the better conditions than they had last year. Katy Simpson and Liz Rogers both ran impressive times under 3 and a half hours and all other SRC members clocked great times, with Bruce Danby finishing 110th and Penny Durance finishing 64th in their age categories. It would also go withour saying that Dick Durance completed his 139th marathon in Boston (Lincolnshire). I will let you do the maths of how many miles this is, but I can assure you it equates to an astonishing amount of time, effort and dedication.
Numerous other events took place during April, too many to mention, but an event that did stand out was the first Summer League Race. This was hosted by Hexgreave Hall and was only possible because of the great support our club receives. This is arguably the best race of the five that take place throughout the summer. There were 666 Nottinghamshire runners who took part, including 27 from SRC who represented the club and did us proud.
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Bramley Article April 2019

For many SRC runners it is the mid-season break between the cross country and summer league road season, but there are still lots of club members who are training and racing hard. It amazes me how much training goes into getting ready for a marathon and also the races that people take part in as part of this process. Michael Mather is training really hard for his first marathon attempt in his home town of Manchester and he has been really well supported by Steven Rice. Both Michael and Steven ran the Coventry half marathon, clocking impressive times of 1 hour and 34 minutes. They also took part in a new event, the Nottingham 20, which Kate Baker also ran in as well as taking part in the Ashby 20. A popular event for preparing for a Spring marathon is the Ashby 20 and this saw eight SRC members run this 20 mile road race. Bruce Danby and Penny Durance were both second in their category and Katy Simpson posted an excellent time of 2 hours and 28 minutes. A special mention goes to Sam Ward who has been picked to represent Nottinghamshire in the Intercounties Fell Race. Sam was picked after an excellent performance in the Wolf’s Pit Fell Race, which several other members took part in. I wish all SRC members and anyone else taking part in a marathon the best of luck. I am sure all the hard work will pay off!

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Bramley Article March 2019

Be Inspired

I believe the amazing thing about running is that there is not one single achievement for everyone. It depends on what your personal goal or target is and this can range from anything that includes running your first 5k park run, completing your first half or full marathon, finishing an ultra, fell running for the first time or beating a personal best. The SRC runners’ feats during February have not disappointed. I will start with the amazing accomplishment of our very own Richard Andrews who took part and finished the ARC of Attrition Ultra Marathon. Not only does this take place during the extreme conditions in February on the Cornish coastal path, it is also a 100 mile event with over 4000 metres of ascent and has over a 50% drop out rate. Richard completed this in a staggering time of 31 hours and 47 minutes and this is with no sleep along the way. Also, in February Eddie Alder took part in, and raised over £500 for the Tomorrow project, by finishing the Montane Grizedale Trail Marathon. This a challenging course set in the Lake District and Eddie completed all of this with mild hypothermia and bad knee after falling at 25km. If this has inspired you or if you want to meet some great people and get help and support in achieving your running goals, then join us at SRC I can certainly testify that this a great place to accomplish your personal goals.

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