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Bramley Article, February 2018

It’s the season of awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the SRC Grand Prix presentations. Most attendees wore a bowler hat; a gesture to support Garry Oldman in his bid for an Oscar.

Steve Hargrave won the men's Grand Prix for the 3rd time; Terri Howell, a relatively new runner won the ladies prize. Special mentions to Peter Lambert who despite his advancing years was the only man to run all five races and came 2nd overall, Gill Tivey who had another comeback and also came second, Michelle Hall who continues to improve coming 3rd and Simon Willington who had a great ten mile run taking many minutes off his PB.

Jane Matthews, Loraine Fozzard and Nicola Blatherwick completed the Edwinstowe 10K. Julie Stafford ran the Nottingham half marathon. Well done to Chris Cregg for competing in the Shipley Park cross country event.

 I have been surprised by the number of people who know my identity and have urged me never to say I will never run again. Who knows what the future holds? I did run for a bus the other day, does that count?

 If there are any real runners willing to write this article please get in touch with the SRC committee.


The Lazy Runner.

Bramley Article, January 2018

Hope you are sitting down, here is some breaking news; the Lazy Runner is giving up running. Running was one of the factors which contributed to a disastrous Christmas as a pre-Christmas Eve run of only three miles set off a migraine, which combined with a virus with flu like symptoms resulted in the migraine lasting ten days, practically wiping out Christmas, never again.

No such problems for the SRC cross country runners at the East Midlands XC  where the Men’s Vet A team put in a superb performance finishing in 2nd place out of 12 teams. The Men’s Vet B team came an admirable 5th out of 8, whilst the Men Seniors finished 6th out of 12 teams. The Lady Vets had a good event finishing 7thout of 10, with the Lady Seniors putting on a spirited show coming 11th out of 12.

 The roll call of our brave cross country runner are Paul Butcher, Dan Wheat, Jim Semmelroth, Paul Grogan, Paul Woolhouse, Martin Harrigan, Steve Hargrave, Ben Parker, Bruce Danby, Ian Haig, Penny Durance, Loraine Fozzard, Michelle Hall and Chris Cregg.
Here are a few notable races I have missed in the last few months.  Brian Drescher and Joanne Harcombe ran the Thoresby 10K. Ben Parker continued his running renaissance by beating his running rival Bruce Danby in the Worksop Half Marathon, Heidi Harris also had a brilliant run. Penny Durance was first in her class in the Bournemouth Half.

If there are any runners willing to step into my shoes, please get in touch with the SRC committee.

 The Lazy Runner

Bramley Article, December 2017

Mud and sweat sums up the cross country season.

SRC was well represented in the ECCA National Cross Country Relays, the East Midlands XC at Holme Pierrepont and the North Midlands XC at Corby.

At the East Midlands race a superb performance by the men’s vet A team saw them finish in second place out of 12 teams. The men’s vet B team came fifth out of eight, whilst the men seniors finished sixth out of 12 teams.  The lady vets had a good event finishing seventh out of ten, with the lady seniors putting on a spirited show coming eleventh out of 12.

Southwell was represented by two teams at the North Midlands league race, the ladies came in 12th on the day with the men’s team finishing in seventh place.

More to my liking would be the Valencia marathon, we were there last year and I had some lovely runs in the former river bed which is now a park with some beautiful futuristic buildings. Dick and Penny Durance took part in the marathon, there were issues with ‘sea food stomach’ which may have spoilt the event a little. However both finished and had a good time.

After a few more months of not running I picked up my running shoes again and ran three miles without stopping and felt all the better for it. So let’s not forget to fit in a bit of running in this very busy time.


The Lazy Runner

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