Health and Safety Rules



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In addition, we would ask that session leaders consider the following:

Plan your session to minimise the risk of contact with members of the public. This will be more difficult now the evenings are dark. Strategies include dividing into smaller groups during warm up and the main session (you may want to ask a committee member to look after a sub-group); using less populated areas of the town (e.g. Mill Park, Crew Lane and the far end of Westhorpe); and the avoidance of congested areas and routes along narrow passageways with insufficient passing space.

Remind runners at the start of each session to keep 2m distance between each other and also members of the public.

Ensure you and/or the whipper-in has a mobile phone and one of the mini first aid kits.

Check that one of the committee members has taken the register.

The following guidelines have been formulated by the Committee to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of club members and the general public during club training runs.

  • Reflective vests must be worn from 01 October to 31 March.
  • Abide by the Highway Code
  • Be aware of other road users and pedestrians to ensure that we do not cause a nuisance or inconvenience
  • Face oncoming traffic whilst running on roads without adequate pavements
  • If you have to run on the road no more than two abreast and single file if necessary
  • Avoid overtaking on the road if there’s traffic coming
  • Allow faster runners off first on busy roads to avoid unnecessary overtaking and straying off pavements
  • Avoid congregating on corners or at junctions between training efforts
  • Club training sessions during the dark winter nights must be run in well lit areas for obvious safety reasons.
  • In the event of a large turnout during running evenings it may be necessary to split into two groups, until the first effort point or what is considered a safe congregation point.

The Committee’s agreed areas to be avoided as unsuitable for training efforts during hours of darkness are:

  • Burgage Lane
  • Ropewalk
  • Hopkiln Lane (except that part bordering the Glenfields block)
  • Kirklington Road (except that part bordering the Glenfields block)