River Relays

This popular race made a come back on Tuesday 17 July 2018 and it was a perfect evening with glorious weather (possibly a bit too hot for

running) and a pleasing number of teams taking part, including many young, future runners. 

Caythorpe Cricket Club kindly host the event, which can best be described as a three legged relay race. 

Runners are divided into teams of three and each person runs a leg.

Each leg is between Hoveringham and Gunthorpe alongside the river - a distance of about 2.2 miles.

Most people tend to jog to their starting point, but some drive down or hitch a lift with another runner.

The start is staggered to reflect the overall ability of each team, so all you need to do is to find a couple of mates to run with and choose a  team name. Family teams (including children) are encouraged (and often provide the most innovative team names).

There are no application forms. Let the committee know the names of your team and runners up to a few days before the event. Individual runners can also take part, just register your interest beforehand or on the night and you will be used to fill in gaps in existing teams or make up new ones.

Obviously the handicapping can be done more effectively if teams/individuals  register in advance, so please endeavour to help by submitting information well in advance of the event.

Please note that any child under the age of 16 who wishes to run must have a consent form completed and signed by the parent or the person who has parental responsibility and this must be presented on the night.

For a child consent form click here

To register a team or an individual runner or to raise any queries - please contact the SRC committee at southwellrc@hotmail.com 

As a worthy footnote, in 2011 a special prize was awarded to Sebastian Thornewill who at the age of three managed the course even though he got stitch at two miles!!

Thursday 18th July has been pencilled in as the date for a similar event in 2019.

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River Relays Results 2018

3rd place Ian Haigh, Helen Jones, David Crowe

2nd place Olivia & Abbi Green, Ruby Simpson

1st place Sam Ward, Jonno Hatton, Katherine Hall

River Relays Results 2015

3rd place Paul/Robbie & Jamie Sharpe, Margarite McQue

2nd place Maison & Gina Granger, Ian Haigh

1st place Theo, Abigail & Martin Simpson

River Relays Results 2014

3rd place Freja, Freddie & Tracy Polak

2nd place Zara & Molly Campbell; Neil Smith

1st place Abi & Juliet Green; Chloe Goulding

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