Round the Rugby Field Relays

The popular River Relays event was reincarnated as the Rugby Relays in 2019 by Katy and Jonathan Simpson. Now re-branded again as the Round the Rugby Field Relays, it is held at Southwell Rugby Club and follows the traditional format of a handicap race, with multiple teams of three running several times around the perimeters of the pitches. 

This year's event will be on Thursday evening 18th July.

A great time is had by competitors and supporters across the generations. The Rugby Club are generous hosts. Their clubhouse, bar and chip cobs are all made available to us. 

Please note that any child under the age of 16 who wishes to run must have a consent form completed and signed by the parent or the person who has parental responsibility and this must be presented on the night.

For a child consent form click here

To register a team or an individual runner or to raise any queries - please contact the SRC committee at 


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Round the Rugby Field Relays 2023

1st Hendre, Jean-Pierre and Lourens du Toit

2nd Lily, Beth and Izzy Pass

3rd Ted, Henry and Katie Botham

Rugby Relays results 2022

1 Adam, Lucy and Thomas Carney

2 Lourens, Hendre and Jean-Pierre du Toit

3 Adam, Freya and Milo Smith

Rugby Relays results 2021

1 Adam and Thomas Carney and Zak Saravanamuttu – 56min. 32 sec.

2 Lourens, Sune and Jean-Pierre du Toit – 56min. 57 sec.

3 Max Holland, Freddy Corbett and Luca Kemish – 65min. 30 sec.

Rugby Relays results 2019

1. Sebastian Thornewill, Alex Lewis, Sam Knight

2. Mel, Eve, Lily and Zac Saravanamuttu

3. Richard Mayne, Sophie Lin, Dan Johnson

River Relays Results 2018

3rd place Ian Haigh, Helen Jones, David Crowe

2nd place Olivia & Abbi Green, Ruby Simpson

1st place Sam Ward, Jonno Hatton, Katherine Hall

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