Club Sessions Overview


A Guide for Session Leaders

Group leaders please keep beginners in mind when planning your session. New runners should be identified at the beginning of the session, welcomed and introduced to the group and the whipper-in. However, the group has a collective responsibility to make sure new runners are looked after during the session, as they may well not be at the back with the whipper-in. Leaders, please summarise what the session will involve before setting off.

Whippers-in should remain with the back runner throughout the session. 

  • Ensure that a mobile 'phone and a club mini first aid kit are available for use in an emergency
  • Reflective vests to be worn from 1st October to 31st March

  • Use well lit areas during the winter months

  • Abide by the Highway Code and be aware of other road users and pedestrians etc.

  • When running on roads, face oncoming traffic and use pavements whenever possible

  • Send faster runners off first on busy roads to avoid unnecessary overtaking and straying off the footpath
  • Do not gather on corners or at junctions

  • Off road areas should be free from potholes and dangerous obstacles and not encroach on private land

  • Ensure you have a "whipper-in" to look after runners at the back

  • Start promptly and try to keep the session as close to 1 hour as possible.

Training Routines

Ideally the expectations of each runner should reflect individual ability, so that every training exercise / run is completed at about the same time by all.

To try to achieve this:

  • In repetitions or pyramids in which the slower runners do fewer than the faster ones

  • In common 'efforts' use cascading to keep members together

  • Consider setting different efforts from the same start point for groups of runners of different abilities

  • In longer efforts or "going through gears" use different routes so that we all finish together

  • Use fast runners with slower pairings when appropriate

  • If the end of the session involves running back to the Leisure Centre, the distance should be such that this takes no more than ten minutes

  • In order to keep the club together during this final effort you could:

    • Get the faster runners to periodically double back

    • Use different routes of different distances for fast, medium and slow groups

    • Get the faster runners to do a few more efforts before leaving