Club History

Southwell Running Club was formed in 1986 by Bill Johnson, along with a group of keen runners, following a meeting at a local pub. Only one of the original group, Richard Peacock remains a continuous member of the club today. The club has grown steadily from around 20 runners, reaching a peak of over 100 members. There have been some amazing achievements from SRC members over the years. The completion of the Bob Graham Round (Paul Orton and Ian Haigh) and the Marathon des Sables (Richard Durance and Brendan Parkinson) are just two examples out of many.

Founder of Southwell Running Club

Bill Johnson




Barbara Garrett

2017 -

Paul Orton

2015 - 2017

Ian Haigh

2011 - 2015

Penny Durance

2008 - 2011

John Cummins

2004 - 2008

Richard Peacock

1993 - 2004

Peter Cheesman

1990 - 1993

Jen Towns

1989 - 1990

Barry Clark

1986 - 1989