Thursday Evening Runs

We meet in the car park between the Minster Junior School and the Leisure Centre ready for a 6.45pm start.

The route is decided on the night as dictated by numbers and the composition of the group.

Runners tend to divide into small subgroups depending on ability and the length of run they wish to do.

A head torch and trail shoes may be needed.

As there is no session leader on a Thursday, it is the collective responsibility of the group to make sure that everyone feels included. 

The traditional Thursday session is based on two seasonal circuits, The Summer Route and The Winter Route. The principle was designed by Peter Cowley and consists of a basic 5 mile route with extra loops added on to give longer runs.

The Summer Route is a continuous run starting from Southwell Leisure Centre and finishing at the top of Trinity Road. Runners can choose from 5 miles, 6 miles or 7 miles.

The Winter Route is a continuous run starting and finishing at Southwell Leisure Centre.  Runners can choose from 5 miles, 6 miles, 7 miles and 8 miles.

The 7 mile course is identical to the 8 mile except:

  1. Norwood Gardens loop is only run once
  2. The Petrol Station loop is only run once
  3. At the end return from Westgate directly by Nottingham Road

Maps can be viewed and copied if desired via the thumbnails below. Please click the thumbnail images for a larger view.