East Midlands Cross Country League Rules

This is the local XC League which just involves clubs from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
SRC pays the entry fee for the series on behalf of its members. So all you have to do is turn up and run wearing a club shirt or vest. The first few over the finish line in each category count for one of the teams, whether it be senior or veteran; men or ladies.
All races start at 11am.
Two (approximately 5k) laps for men; one lap for women.
Teams: Senior men 4; Vet men 4; Senior women 3; Vet women 3. 
The organiser Shirley Starr says 'There are no set rules as it has worked really well over they years to make it quite informal. As for 2nd claim runners, I don't see any problem with them taking part so long as their 1st  claim club does not participate. It tends to be left up to the clubs to 'play fair', hence the informality of rules. As long as runners are registered with the participating clubs then I see no problem. My theory has always been the more the merrier and encourage all people who want to take part'.