Bramley Article, April 2018

I was surprised to see that there were still trotting turkeys in February. In previous years they had trotted in December. Then when they were at the peak of their fitness they ended up as the centre piece to our Christmas dinners. I am referring to the Keyworth Turkey Trot half marathon which is now in February. Well done to our trotters; Chris Stowe, Ben Parker, Brendan Parkinson, Penny Durance and Michelle Hall.

At least the St Valentines was not on the 14th as the runners who took part would have been with their loved ones. So the following weekend Chris Wales, Katy Simpson, Bruce Danby, Jo Harcombe and Tracey Polak ran the 30K race and got heart shaped medals for their effort.

The cross country runners continue to get dirty, wet and cold. Pictures from the Trent Meadows event show runners literally climbing a hill with mud up to their ankles. Well done to everyone who took part. Father and son, Ben and Guy Parker got the opportunity for a bit of bonding, finishing together.

Thank goodness the clocks have gone back and I can get some gardening done after work. For those who run, running in the light has to be better than the dark. Look at the website pages to see how to run with SRC.


The Lazy Runner