Bramley Article February 2023

The right kind of clothing…

The weather in January and February can be tough for outdoor sports like running and cycling but the well-known phrase “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”, is absolutely true. Like many other keen sportspeople, Southwell Running Club members have been layering up, adding their hi-vis and torches and heading out for their training sessions each week. You might have seen us completing interval circuits and hill reps on your local streets and wondered what kind of nutcases are out and about in the cold rain, wind and snow! Actually we are a very friendly bunch and we welcome all to come along and join in our any of our sessions whatever the weather – just don’t forget to add those layers.

We are once again including our ‘back to/new to running’ development group in our sessions. This group is designed for those who wish to take a gentler route into running slightly longer distances. The group will help runners to steadily build up from running about 2.5 miles to 4 or 5 miles over the next few months. The sessions would also suit runners who have completed a couch to 5k course and are now looking to further develop their running. If you are interested, please email or meet us in the car park near the Leisure Centre at 6.45pm on a Tuesday evening

In other news, a number of members took part in the North Midlands Cross Country League with both the men’s and women’s vets teams finishing 9th in the series. Steven Tomlinson and Pam Dutton completed all four races with Pam coming first in her age category and Steven Tomlinson fifth in his.

Ruby Runner