Bramley Article July 2020

Still Running! 

 I usually sit down and write these articles thinking about how I can possibly share all of our members’ achievements from the previous month in just 250 words, and I rarely succeed. Now though we are in very different times, but there are still plenty of members who are actively running and making things happen to continue to make this a great club, so writing this today is made easy. Currently the days of races and organised events have gone and have been replaced by ‘virtual’ events. SRC and in particular Ian Haigh and Paul Orton have been fantastic with organising virtual races that have seen several members eagerly go up against each other over set distances. Andy Thorne has certainly had the bit between his teeth as he took a clean sweep of 5 races, although Adam Smith was not far behind Andy across all 5 events. Members of the club have also been brilliant in sharing virtual training events on a weekly basis. This has replaced our usual training sessions on a Tuesday to help people have a structure and plan for their training if they want it. We are lucky that the sport we love and take part in has been able to continue over the past few months, even if at a reduced level. However I believe that SRC members are even more fortunate to have this community support that has helped us all keep focused and able to feel a part of something. We look forward to you joining us!