Bramley Article May 2021

Over the hills and far away

Nothing can beat going for a country run on a spring evening. Now the dreaded virus has abated somewhat and the rules have relaxed a little, the figurative little ducks are coming back to Mother Southwell Running Club duck. And, boy, is she glad to see them.

Not to imply that any of our members waddle; we are finely tuned athletes.

If you like the idea of running with other people but have been putting off joining a club until you are a little fitter or a little faster, then you are not alone. I was hesitant about joining a club for many years, thinking it would be too serious or too challenging. When I finally took the plunge, I found my fears were totally unfounded. We have runners of all abilities and all ages at SRC and we train together at our own pace. 

No matter your ability I can guarantee that there will be at least one person faster and one person slower than you, so it impossible not to fit in. Instead of waiting until you are fitter to come along, come along first and get fitter with us. It is more fun that way round.

As Supt. Hastings may have said during a particularly fierce SRC committee meeting recently, "There is one thing I am interested in, and one thing only, and that is the joy of running, training and perhaps even competing together in and around the glorious environs of Southwell, over the hills and far away." Come and join us!

The Scarlet Pimperrunner

P.S. Heartfelt thanks to The Obsessive Runner who penned our articles for this esteemed paper for so many years. I hope you like my nom de plume.